Am dating man going through divorce

22-Sep-2019 05:21

I’m heading into the permanent separation stage with the outcome being divorce. However, she does not want to proceed until my divorce is finalized. Should I forget about her or text her from time to time?

I have been married for 27 years and have two grown children. I’m a 27 year old woman dating a recently separated (going through a divorce) dad.

Despite the fact that our relationship became more than just friends, we both pride our relationship on the fact that our friendship is the most important thing to us both.

Do you think that returning to a platonic friendship now would benefit us – potentially allowing for a long-term relationship in the future? When people begin dating after divorce, they have certain criteria, conditions, and qualities they are looking for, which are probably continually changing.

So, really, they could be divorced (emotionally) but the process just takes awhile. ” “Does he have no intention of getting divorced and is he just telling people he’s separated?

My criteria for dating after divorce was never “is he officially divorced yet? ” “Is he considering divorce and just playing the field?

They are flexible with some of the criteria/qualities, such as, “I really want him to be over 6 feet, but if he isn’t I might be OK with it,” but other things are 100% musts. One of these musts/deal breakers for a lot of people is, “He/she MUST be officially divorced.” Maybe they fear that the person hasn’t grieved the divorce, or hasn’t been alone long enough, or maybe they think there’s still a chance he/she might get back together with the ex.

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The problem is this; I met someone online and we really connected.

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