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30-Sep-2020 01:50

I hadn’t planned on doing any shooting during this vacation and didn’t expect to meet anyone for modelling there.

But when Joe said he would model for me, I was determined to make it work.

We have made tonne of hot videos together in the past few years.

Today I am directing Ryan with his new mop of blond hair through a simple strip show shoot over in the hotel.

Gio is a great top and humps Brock from different angles until Brock can’t hold on any longer and loses his load across the bed. It’s been really nice catching up with our cute mate Ryan after he was away for a year.

Ryan is always fun to shoot stuff with and is very laid back about getting naked and aroused on camera.

I followed the guys out of the tub and over to the bed where Brock continues to suck on Gio’s fat cock.

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And you can tell he’s having fun as he keeps shifting Andy into different positions to fuck him again and again.Joe was actually wearing my clothes during the photoshoots and thankfully I had the camera and Go Pro with me.