Audio talking sex bots

26-Dec-2020 17:13

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This kind of erotic improv is the perfect low-pressure way to build on one another’s desires; so when the time comes to bring that real unicorn home, you know a lot more about how to make everyone’s fantasies come true.

Present-tense narration is a simple and surprisingly powerful way to transform language into a sort of vibrator for your mind, enhancing whatever you and your partner are already enjoying.A simple word can drop you right into a character you want to embody, whether it's a pampered "Princess" who is ready to be serviced by an underling, or a feisty "Puppy" who wants to play rough.Use your imagination to use different words for yourself and your partner: even something as simple as Sir, Boss, or Mistress can invoke a powerful new dynamic.Prompt one another to explore different situations: if we brought someone home from the bar, what would you want to do first?

You can narrate things that aren’t technically happening to see how your partner responds to different linguistic stimuli.

Communication is at the heart of every sexual connection.