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From the initial colonization(s), the Lucayan expanded throughout the Bahamas in some 800 years (c. Known Lucayan settlement sites are confined to the nineteen largest islands in the archipelago, or to smaller cays located less than one km. Population density in the southern-most Bahamas remained lower, probably due to the drier climate there (less than 800 mm of rain a year on Great Inagua Island and the Turks and Caicos Islands and only slightly higher on Acklins and Crooked Islands and Mayaguana).In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain on his first voyage with three ships, the Niña, the Pinta, and the flagship, Santa Maria, seeking a direct route to Asia.Their descendants now constitute 85% of the Bahamian population.The Bahamas gained independence from the United Kingdom on July 10, 1973.These early settlers were Puritans and republicans.

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In 1648 a group from Bermuda called 'The Company of Adventurers for the Plantation of the Islands of Eleutheria,' which was led by William Sayle, sailed to the Bahamas to found a colony.

The identity of the first American landfall by Columbus remains controversial, but many authors accept Samuel E.

Morison's identification of Columbus' San Salvador as what was later called Watling (or Watling's) Island.

When Europeans first landed on the islands, they reported the Bahamas were lushly forested.

Cleared to develop the land for sugarcane plantations, the forests have not regrown and have not been replanted.

The larger of the company's two ships, the William, wrecked on the reef at the north end of what is now called Eleuthera Island, with the loss of all provisions.

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