Baptist and inter racial dating

15-Oct-2019 02:59

Simeon, called Niger, in Acts 13:1 may also have been black. Maybe it's because we tend to make God in our image rather than remembering it's the other way around.

It's pretty safe to say that most likely very few characters in Scripture were light skinned in that most were "Semitic," light or dark brown in complexion. It is interesting that the Bible does not speak about skin tone much and when it does, it's not a major point. God's message of grace and salvation is for all people of all races and skin tones.

I've even heard some scholars postulate that Bathsheba and the Queen of Sheba were black.

The Ethiopans mentioned in Scipture were most likely dark skinned.

This passage is also not an instruction to sequester oneself from the world. What should be the determining factor (besides being in love and praying through the relationship) is that both the man and woman are "red all over" meaning each is a child of God (and this is a churchy term, but I hope you understand) covered by the saving blood of Jesus Christ.

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It's racism.) Some may ask what my opinion is regarding interracial dating and marriage. My statement has always been and will be that my approval of my children's dates and future spouses has to do with their faith and not their skin tone.

Yes, I will not approve of my children dating or marrying a person who is not a born again child of God.We are still to be fulfilling the Great Commission as we go. So, whether your skin is black, brown, red, white, tan, yellow, dark, light, etc. Born again children of God may marry born again children of God, regardless of skin color.