Benefits of updating healthcare technology

07-Aug-2020 13:37

It took until 1974-1976 for the first CT scanners to appear in hospitals, and another 4 years before CT technology was commonly available in first-line care centers.During the time when new technology is taking hold in the medical community, that technology also continues to evolve.

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This is a new way of thinking about the function of an operating room, and it requires innovative interior designs, a variety of modern machines, and healthcare professionals who are open to the potential of this new approach.

Perhaps most importantly, CTs now expose patients to less radiation and therefore less risk of genetic damage to their cells while providing radiologists and other providers with superior imaging opportunities.

It seems that there’s always some news about another breakthrough medical technology.

There are many opportunities now to further benefits for patients.

For example, did you know that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 1 in 25 patients in US hospitals have at least one healthcare-related infection?But there are now opportunities to think more broadly about how technology can improve healthcare.

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