Beretta shotgun dating

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It had straight grip frame, wood grips, magazine capacity of 7 cartridges, and 6-R rifling. It is stated that though it was first issued as the Modello 1935 (and was so marked) it was later given the designation Modello 1934 and that specimens were so marked.

It was made for Italian army and police use only and was marked PS (Pubblica Sicurezza, public security) for police use or RE (Regio Esercito) for army use. ) This was a slightly modified version of the 7.65 mm. (Brng.) This was a greatly modified version of the 1915 Type, with an original barrel mounting, changed safety lever, internal hammer, straight grip frame, metal grip plates, magazine capacity of 8 ctges., and 6-R rifling.

Beretta was established nearly 500 years ago and has become one of the most popular shotgun brands amongst gun enthusiasts.

Offering unrivalled accuracy, reliability and stunning beauty, Beretta shotguns come in a wide range of barrel sizes, gauges and chokes to suit all needs.

It was covered by 1915 patents and discontinued in 1919. type, but somewhat larger and provided with an ejector. Specimens were marked PS and some also were sold commercially from about 1920 to 1930. (Brng.) This was a somewhat modified and improved version of the 7.65 mm. A grip safety device which blocked the sear motion was added. 7 ctges., rifling 6-R.) This pistol is currently known as Mod.

It was for military and police purchase only and had either RE or PS markings. Molded plastic grips were later changed to sheathed grip pieces of the 1935 form. ) This was a further modification of the 1915 design, greatly enlarged and, for the first time, with external hammer. It was the first Beretta to have an official model designation (Modello 1923). (Brng.) This model, often called the Navy Model, returned to the 1915, 1919 Type in size, but was greatly streamlined and had an improved firing system and a closed bridge slide.

It has an exposed hammer, double safety catch, and a duraluminum frame. cap., 7 ctges.; barrel length, 23/8 inches; over-all length, 411/16 inches.) It is sold in the U. Some of these are definitely pistols made for (or sold to) some foreign country, such as Nos. F-63,599 (dated 1942), 3662-AA (dated 1943), and 4996-BB (dated 1944).

The barrel is hinged at the front end, in front of the trigger guard, and tips up from the rear. (Length of barrel, 83/4 inches; length over-all, 121/2 inches; weight, 38 oz.) It has a trigger pull of 11/2 pounds (Fig. The Roman numerals appearing on Beretta pistols which were made during the Fascist regime represent the year of that regime and probably were required by government order. Variant serial numbers are frequently found, however. Other variant markings have been found, such as No.

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Having an Italian-made Beretta definitely added to the cool factor of the gun as the Gun Control Act of 1968 eventually led to Beretta moving their manufacturing Maryland. S., Beretta added an external safety to 950B renaming it the 950BS.Features The 950B is a single action only blowback design made of a carbon steel barrel and slide and an aluminum frame.The tip-up barrel design allows for one in the chamber and an 8-round magazine for a total of 9 rounds of .25 ACP, all without having to rack the slide or cock the hammer.After picking up the pistol, checking out its features, and finding out that was nearly 50 years old, the 0 price tag was tempting enough for me to take it home.

History Introduced in the 1950’s as a backup gun for law enforcement and a concealed carry gun for civilians, Beretta marketed the 950B as a concealed carry gun, ideal for protection or plinking (depending on whether it was the .25 ACP or .22 model).Previous to 1915 their chief product was shotguns, but in that year they turned their attention to automatic pistols and, to date, well over two million have been made. 8 ctges., rifling 6-R.) Presumably, production of this pistol was stopped at the start of World War II.

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