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09-Jun-2020 01:02

It’s another chance to see how well you align in your day-to-day life and hopes for the future.

Knowing this answer is also an easy, pressure-free opp to gauge how much you might actually see them if things move forward.

This is a great open-ended question that can take the conversation in any number of directions. “You’ll likely learn about their hobbies, friends, potential drinking or exercise habits, even whether they are a morning or night person,” says Burns.

This is must-have info that can clue you in to your lifestyle compatibility down the road.

This question will hit a nerve, because most of us work for the money and not because we enjoy doing it. She will begin to feel some level of attraction for you. Make sure you do it regularly and increase the touching the longer you are in a conversation.

Without it, you won’t be able to turn things sexual.

“See what they say and try not to let their response influence your own authenticity, since being real and showing up as yourself is the sexiest thing you can do.” (And the most important, if you have long-term on the brain.)This is definitely an “are-we-on-the-same-page” ask.

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"Will they want to volunteer in their community, travel the world, play golf, or spend time with a future significant other or kids? Again, it’s both a fun conversation topic and gives you major insight into how similar you may (or may not) be.Ah, a fabulous Q to give your date a chance to share something they’re proud of and to shine. )This is also a good chance to notice whether they seem confident, cocky, or insecure when they talk about themselves and their successes.