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13-Jan-2020 11:26

Wear a thin tight tee and a guy’ll have a hard time taking his eyes off your rack. Every single guy finds this completely irresistible. [Read: Tips on turning a guy on] Now these are just three circumstances when a man finds a woman’s breasts completely irresistible.

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Without this app, real girls in your area with perfect tits may be hard to find.You just need to look a few degrees lower than a girl’s eyes, and whoa! To make it harder for the man, breasts are almost always covered. Mysterious mind games When a man looks at a woman’s breasts, he notices the shape it creates on the tee shirt. A good pair of breasts stimulates a man’s mind and makes him visualize how good the breast must actually look like. And this makes the mind play games on him and gets him into a mini game of twenty questions. A guy could spend all day stroking a great pair of breasts with his hands.