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from inside the Omni Thread Library parallel patterns, so this approach would look like a combination of 1.b and 2.a and is left as an exercise for the reader.This again is very similar to the 1.c approach, except that OTL functions (No Wait, Task Config) are used to simplify the code.LINQPad contains a number of very useful utilities, as documented here. Progress Bar functionality which allows you to display the progress of your script within the results pane.This can be very useful when, say, you are updating a large number of records and want an indication of progress without having to write additional information out to the results pane for every record or group of records.This timer then updates the progress bar (see the code for details).Even this kind of shared variable (one writer, one reader) can cause problems if not accessed atomically so again we are using TInterlocked to update and to read the variable.We know how many items will be processed (), which holds the current percentage of processed items.It is updated from the worker thread and is read from a timer on a form.

Note that the releases on Pypi are signed with my GPG key (https://edu/pks/lookup?

Whilst the use of the Progress Bar is very straightforward, I was caught out by a very simple detail when I first started using it, so thought it worth documenting in detail here.

Here’s the most straightforward example of the Progress Bar: This will result in a progress bar being displayed in the results pane like this: The general procedure for using the progress bar is as follows.

The ‘2.c’ example below shows a simpler way of accessing such shared variable – a TGp4Aligned Int record.

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You can use any approach (TInterlocked or TGp4Aligned Int) with any multithreading library (PPL, OTL, or anything else).Instantiate the progress bar, with its optional title: Optionally, you can also update the ‘Caption’ property of the progress bar, so that the progress can be displayed both visually and as text: The main ‘gotcha’ that you are likely to encounter when using the Progress bar is that you will often be dealing with integer values when calculating progress – for example, fifty-five records processed out of a hundred.

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