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06-Feb-2020 10:37

In addition to using it to token scan, it can also be used to design new keywords.

It used a scripting language called FDO which is like a propriatory version of HTML.

Invokes in most cases (but not all) are for old keywords that are usually abandoned. Now certain keywords on AOL are restricted like keyword ARC.

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:keke: So anyway I made a simple VB program that used API to control the AOL client.

With this list I was guaranteed to gain access to several employee accounts.

The way I cracked accounts was via a password cracker I made. When executed it showed a real pic of "me" for realism before activating the sniffer. There were more but I forgot them, these really stood out to me: Essentially any stolen AOL account turned into a credit card.

This was a great account for punting people (since you could IM people who had their IMs off). He's a nice guy (or guys since it seemed TOSadvistor was on 24/7), unless of course he came into a chat room because you're stirring up trouble (More on this later).

Guide accounts can do everything that regular OH accounts do plus offer the ability to do an OSW (Great way to smoke accounts) and the timed gag.This allowed me to create a token scanner that scanned for tokens with rainman and record any interesting ones I found.

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