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The next day, Victor left on a camping trip to California's Yosemite National Park with a friend he had met at a Grateful Dead show.

A few days later, officers knocked on Nisha Zenoff's front door.

Efforts were made to corroborate their stories, including speaking with family members, friends and spouses they had confided in over the years, as well as reviewing letters, journals, photos, official documents and news articles. It's a friend -- a reporter -- following up on an earlier conversation: "That guy you told me about -- the one you said molested your brother back in the '70s ... Each summer, starting when Victor was 12, the Zenoff brothers went to Camp Greylock for Boys, a sleepaway sports camp in New England.

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of 1975, the textile hub of Leicester, England, a gloomy, downtrodden city 100 miles north of London, had little to offer 15-year-old Vernon Sharples.Mainwaring's athletic accomplishments interested Sharples, but he was most taken by the attention the track star heaped on him at the store.So when Mainwaring invited Sharples to train with what he called his "squad" of athletes at Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium in Leicester, the boy leaped at the chance. The coach preached sobriety and celibacy, citing booze and girls as obstacles to athletic success.The man comes into focus: early 30s, flowing blond hair, piercing blue eyes.

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He looks like an athlete, firm and thin, but he's wearing street clothes. Benjamin hesitates, partly because his coach, a former Olympian and trainer of elite athletes, always has demanded secrecy: The stranger continues. " It occurs to Benjamin that he actually doesn't know his coach's full name. "Look, you can go talk to him if you want." "No, he can f--- himself," comes the reply.

He is not on the Bruins' track team, but he is training toward his dream of making his home country's national squad.

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