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22-Mar-2020 03:44

I know that my starting salary was ,000 (about ,284 in 2018 dollars) because I was very excited about it.After spending summers working jobs that ranged from /hour to /hour, this seemed like an incredible amount of money to me.I’m still in California, so I have no idea if that was accurate.

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My official title was webmaster, and I thought I would be coming in to run the company website.

A few months in, they gave me a raise to ,000 because I was doing a good job.

Towards the end of 2000, they believed the company would be bought and so they changed my title to UI Developer and upped my salary to ,500 with the belief that an acquirer would immediately fire the “webmaster” and ensuring I’d benefit from the acquisition.

That seems like a great way to communicate that they aren’t doing a good enough job and figure out ways to improve.

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The bottom line is that nothing gets better unless people are willing to share information.The data in this post comes from the following sources: Where my memory fails me and I don’t have an offer letter, I’ve made an attempt to guess the salary range I had at the time.