Constitutional amendment mandating a balanced budget

25-Aug-2020 06:13

Federal courts need a plentitude of dedicated originalist appointees.

But no one should expect Congress to bind itself, session after session, through successive Congresses. Key constitutional amendments, like the balanced budget amendment that Senator Lee is offering, does a more effective job of binding Congress than statutory measures.

Simple legislative majorities are hard to get ordinarily but How much of Mr.

Obama's spending proposals would have hit the skids had Senator Lee's balanced budget amendment been the law? Lee's balanced budget amendment would have at least greatly complicated matters for spend-happy Democrats and Republican suckerfish.

Although a balanced federal budget has long been held as a political ideal, the accumulation of large deficits in recent years has heightened concern that some action to require a balance between revenues and expenditures may be necessary.

The debate over a balanced budget measure actually consists of several interrelated debates.

Imagine how much more formidable it would be to reach two-thirds agreement among Members of Congress to bust the debt limit or increase taxes.

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Campaigns will still be necessary to downsize the federal government by eliminating unconstitutional functions that Washington has assumed over the years or divesting those functions to return them to the states. constitutional restraints that keep Washington from going Hugo Chavez on the nation; in other words, from sliding into squalid statism.Federal government spending, limited to eighteen percent of the GDP annually, inevitably means that Congresses will routinely spend to the limit, but that's far better than the threat or reality of Congresses gobbling up ever-higher percentages of GDP to patronize constituencies and special interests to build an Olympus on the Potomac.