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11-Oct-2020 19:02

Today the RHONY trailer was released and it’s a gang up on Luann. Bethenny and her new driver, Albi, who is dressed like Santa chat on the way to the party. She tells him that on the way to ER in the ambulance she felt Dennis pulling on her. All the girls give her long hugs when she sees them. Bethenny finds out that Sonja’s surprise was spoiled at the surprise party so she asks her party planner to send out a guy to be Sonja’s surprise. It is unnecessarily unkind and not one bystander will open their mouth. Tinsley tells Dorinda that she and Scott are broken up. Ramona grabs a stripper by the necktie for a lap dance. Bethenny has purchased and apartment in Boston with her boyfriend Paul.

Luann knew it would be a gang up on her and she showed up and sat down in the frying pan. Luann’s Christmas Cabaret sold out at the Gramercy. Then there was a whole conversations about the heresy or Luann selling religious candles with her face on it at her cabaret shows. She has the last call time and after coming for Luann to her face about her sacrilegious candles, they start in on Barbara. There is a kid on Big Brother that is being ostracized for his differences. Though the season they did that to Josh he ended up winning. But Ramona saying “we’re a different breed of girls” is just not right. She says if you are mad at me about something don’t make it about Scott because they are not together. Ramona’s apartment is still on the market despite a price reduction. Sonja’s daughter was accepted to an Ivy League school. And despite considering it, she has decided not to sell off Skinnygirl. The fuckers didn’t even bother to give Barbara an end note.

Specifically Tom D’Agostino, the wealthy New York businessman whom Real Housewife Luann de Lesseps married in January despite her own better judgment and the pleading advice of close friends and frenemies.

The Tom who cheated on Lu at the Regency Hotel the night before their engagement party. (Thursday, August 3, 2017, for those who had that date in their pool.) Of course, Page Six has the exclusive.

Wonderful to spend the weekend with the kids and The Count.

Luann de Lesseps is an American television personality, model, author, and singer. She divorced her husband, Alexandre de Lesseps, in 2009. Lu Ann de Lesseps also has a ruling planet of Venus.

Now Lu is trying to sell the house for something upstate (because those broads really need another Berkshires venue to screech in), meaning Noel and Victoria would be out of whatever cash Lu makes from the house sale.

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Dorinda and Sonja both feel the need to pry into Tinsley’s dating life. I think they are mad that she is not sharing her full life on camera. Bonito is what we call skipjack, a small cheap tuna fish. I am surprised she didn’t know right away that she had eaten fish. Once again, Ramona has decided not to attend an all cast. Noel and Victoria are there in the dressing room supporting their mother. Meanwhile downstairs Dorinda is talking about freezing and thawing Tinsley’s dead dog. Then when they all get to the dressing room, Luann promptly throws them out. Dorinda’s standy up portion includes, “I actually loved rehab.

Lu’s really just bringing on the bad press this week since TMZ says she’s also getting sued by her kids and Count Chocula (actually called Alexandre de Lesseps).