Dating age of the earth

10-Feb-2020 14:59

The search for primordial rocks was one of the scientific reasons we sent men to the moon a half-century ago.Scientists thought that since the moon has far less geological activity than the earth, its rocks would be older.To make matters worse, measuring the age of a rock by different kinds of radioactive atoms (such as uranium or rubidium) often yields very different ages. But even if we accept these ages as correct, there are many other assumptions that cause even more problems.You see, we never find rocks on earth that date back 4½ billion years.So while moon rocks have relatively old radiometric dates, they aren’t primordial either.

This means the sun and planets would be about the same age.Since then, many critics have noted that his objections have been explained to their satisfaction. Many of Kelvin’s colleagues believed in great age despite the evidence, not because of it.

This assumption allows for C in the environment is mostly constant.… continue reading »

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