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28-Jun-2020 09:08

The thought is: Why would the super attractive, highly successful-looking people you see using online dating even use it? We are an app centric world and relate to realty through the digital lense. Surely such supermodel-tier, jet setters wouldn't need to slum it in the internet ghetto known as tinder/OKC/bumble etc because they'd have no end to the willing and available potential candidates chomping at the bit to get with them. Discuss Because when you work a job that is structured around women, the only men you see are their husbands, boyfriends, or fiance's. This process allows people to join us if their profiles are legitimate, real and meet our standards.We are committing ourselves to provide our members with the best service and experience.

There are thousands of mature and senior Singles chatting and looking for their match on Luxy, whom are attractive, positive and are enjoying their successful life!

User safety is guaranteed at all times since Luxy perfected its own security system, eliminating and blocking profiles which are considered dubious.60% of our members have a verified annual income of more than 200,000, 43% of them are verified millionaires.