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06-Feb-2020 14:25

An antique tool box (also spelled toolbox) or tool chest is the fitting home for a set of treasured tools.In the early 20th century, tool chests were produced by companies such as H. Smith; Sargent Planes booklet reprinted by Roger Smith; The Axe Book; Sargent Planes Identification and Value Guide, by David E. (Four books: Old Ways of Working Wood, by Bealer; Vanishing Crafts and Their Craftsmen, by Stinmetz & Rice; The Homemade Windmills of Nebraska 1899,by Barbour (reprint); File Filosophy, by Nicholson File Company 1943. JENNINGS ARROW HEAD BRAND Price List #13 (Circa 1913) reprinted by the MWTCA.

I'm a DIYer/WW that took shop classes in high school - but I'd like some recommendations for restoring and refinishing this toolchest. Gerstner & Sons and Union Tool Chest Company to hold punches, tap wrenches, and other machinist tools—Union also made boxes for Sears that were branded as Craftsman.These wooden chests, usually built of oak, opened from the top and had numerous shallow... All of the specifics are as follows: It is an old black leather covered Gerstner oak tool box that measures 20" X 16" X 9-1/2".

They are held on by two small phillips pan head screws on the top 1/2 and three on the botton 1/2, none countersunk. The top steel corner protectors are also held on by phillips head screws which are not counter sunk either. JC Hannum has emailied me that my box is a Model 42 and not #32 as I had originally thought.The inside back of the box is made from plywood by the looks of it but I'm not entirely sure of that however. I'm betting the is just to aggravate you enough so you'll go away and leave them alone. There are collectors and dealers that buy & sell Gerstner tool boxes. Now to get your, genuine, grade "A", bona fide, signed and dated owners certificate that costs .00 extra! That curly maple box shown on the gerstner website is mighty purty, not to mention the bubinga and rosewood 00 , a bit rich for my pocket.

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