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19-Feb-2020 13:40

Big thanks to the open source projects (libimobiledevice, Duilib, etc.

) Pangu team members are all security researchers from China.

How to install afc2 Pangu v1.2 will install afc2 by default. We have tested Pangu on most models and did not cause any problems, but we can not make any guarantees.

Also if the installation failed, you may search "Apple File Conduit 2" in Cydia and install that one. How to uninstall afc2 For remove afc2, search "Apple File Conduit 2" in Cydia and install it to overwrite old version, then uninstall it. Please be fully aware of this and use pangu at your own risk. A computer running Windows(minimum Windows XP) or Mac OS X (minimum 10.8) 2.

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We talk to experts and the CEO of Clue about the risks. to interact with astronauts, helping with tasks while behaving like a regular crew member.

A robotic assistant called CIMON recently returned to Earth after spending 14 months on the ISS.

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