Dating violence education schools

04-Jun-2020 23:37

A written report regarding the act or incident shall be submitted to the Principal or designee by the reporting staff member no later than one day after the act or incident occurred.

School staff members are required to report all acts or incidents of dating violence at school they witness or upon receiving reliable information concerning acts or incidents of dating violence at school.

The responses shall be tiered with consideration given to the seriousness and the number of previous occurrences of acts or incidents in which both the victim and alleged aggressor have been involved.

Consequences may include, but are not limited to: admonishment, temporary removal from the classroom, classroom or administrative detention, in-school suspension, out-of school suspension, reports to law enforcement, and/or expulsion.

The policies and procedures specific to acts or incidents of dating violence at school shall be used to address the act or incident as well as serve as remediation, intervention, education, and prevention for all individuals involved.

The school district then accused the teenager of “public lewdness” and then removed her from her high school.

She – and the rapist – were sent to the same disciplinary school.

The Board of Education shall make available to pupils and their families information on safe, appropriate school, family, peer, and community resources available to address dating violence.

The Board of Education shall incorporate age-appropriate dating violence education in grades seven through twelve through the health education curriculum in alignment with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Comprehensive Health and Physical Education.Acts or incidents may include, but are not limited to: those characterized by physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual abuse; digital or electronic acts or incidents of dating violence; and/or patterns of behavior which are threatening or controlling.

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