Dating while pregnant Adult chat free shqiptar

23-Jul-2020 04:40

 It sucks and I tried it once and found it too hard and I'm a tough cookie.

 I feel guilty sometimes that I don't go out because for someone who is dating and does meet the right person may mean the difference between bringing a baby home from the hospital to an empty home or welcoming a baby into a more traditional family.

Having to prepare to have, and raise a child, ALONE.

Being financially and emotionally reliant on yourself alone, no one else. Buying and reading Single Parenting books because your so scared to death of how your going to take care of this precious little being thats on the way.

I would never consider a physical relationship right now, as i said earlier, because it is home to my baby now.

I guess maybe something like this could be mind blowing to you, because you have no idea what it is like to be in our situations, so you dont know what you would would be even more mind blowing for you, the feelings we face on a day to day basis.

Seemed to me that me being pregnant would send the guys running for the hills, but it draws them closer lol I would of course not have any kind if physical relationship with any guy other than the BD, and he's a big fat loser so that's not ganna happen haha. Once our babies come it's not like we'll have that oppurtunity for a while lol.

But be careful, I just keep reminding myself that I didn't get in this position by being responsible, and now I don't have any other choice than to be responsible!

And I was asked out on a couple more dates, by that same guy and a few others...But either way the relationship was not going to work. He asked why I didn't tell him sooner and I told him I thought maybe he would be mad. I had the luck to meet my new neighbour, who was divorcing his wife, when i was 6 months along and we started talking about the *** relationships we had been in and discovered that we had a lot in common.After that I started to see a guy I consider a close friend and who I had a "fling" with before getting with the BD. Hardly the way I imagined it going but I just couldn't hold it in anymore. Then he said the sweetest thing "How could I be mad? This is a time for YOU and for YOU to be happy, so I have to make sure you're happy! We grew into loving each other and became a couple. We live together now since the summer and my son calls him daddy. I admire the women who are trying and I don't doubt that that they are picking their dates and considering each step forward with more care than they ever have before.

 t is entirely self-righteous of you to judge anyone for wanting to share their lives and pregnancy with another grown-up person and possibly start a new relationship that might mean a world of difference for a child. My relationship ended in July, just a few weeks after we found out I was pregnant.

Before I decided to bring a child into this world, I made sure that the father, who is my husband, was going to be around during my entire pregnancy and I wasn't thinking about dating another man.