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During his time on ' Degrassi,' Brogren has also expanded his career to the other side of the camera, becoming both a director and producer of the show. Then: For eight seasons, Jake Goldsbie played the bespectacled Toby Isaacs, Ashley's younger, nerdier step-brother. Now: Post-' Degrassi,' Kippel is now the drummer in the Toronto-based band Dear Love.Now: Brogren continues to portray Snake on the series, and in 2012 served as a producer and director on ' The L. You can listen to them here and follow Kippel on Twitter and Instagram.But he hasn't forgotten his ' Degrassi' roots, even coming up with a ' Wheelchair Jimmy' dance move for one of his biggest hits, ' The Motto.' Then: Lauren Collins played popular cheerleader Paige Michalchuk, ' Degrassi's' resident mean girl for the first few seasons of the show.Over time, she reforms and deals with such issues as rape, drug use, anxiety and her relationship with Alex.Gotta love ' Degrassi.' Now: During her time on ' Degrassi,' Mc Donald also starred in the Lifetime movie ' She's Too Young,' playing a promiscuous teen who contracts syphillis.Since ' Degrassi,' Mc Donald has acted sporadically, with occasional roles on ' Lost Girl' and ' Orphan Black.' She has since become a yoga instructor and has a series of instructional yoga vids on You Tube. ) Mc Donald has also stayed close with her ' Degrassi' besties, frequently tweeting them and Instagramming pictures of her and Cassie Steele (Manny). Then: As Emma's BFF, Cassie Steele's Manny underwent quite the transformation throughout her time on ' Degrassi,' going from an innocent young girl to becoming pregnant with Craig's baby (and ultimately choosing abortion) to dating Jay and becoming an actress in ' Degrassi Goes Hollywood.' And how could we forget the time she flashed Peter's camera and drunkenly told the world she was going to be famous?Now: Interestingly enough, Farber has seemingly followed in Ellie's career footsteps. Now: After briefly appearing in ' Degrassi Takes Manhattan,' Barrable-Tishauer no longer acts.

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Then: For nine seasons, Miriam Mc Donald played the role of Emma Nelson, whose friendship with Manny Santos and relationship with Sean Cameron were main focal points of ' Degrassi' throughout the early seasons.After the shooting, Jimmy was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of the series, dashing his dreams of playing basketball -- but opening the door to a career in music.