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No, This Isn't Creepy Or Scary At All If you came home and the entire place was empty and you knew that nobody had been there and you found a children's book about a doll on your bedside table and you didn't put it there, you'd immediately start punching yourself in the face or pissing in your panties, because you'd assume that you were I think he's quite talented and is so private that over the years people just cannot decide if he's a sweetie-pie or a raging bitch.

But as far as gayness: he doesn't just ping, it bounces of the moon and travels back at the speed of light!!!

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Speaking to The Independent in 2013, Wood confessed that Frodo would be a part of his life forever.He’s sashaying away swinging those hips and picking up those feet better than any contestant in Rupaul’s Drag Race. I have a hustler yacht-boy acquaintance who works the Venice, Cannes, Sundance and Telluride circuit who swears Wood is a good fuck and majorly hung.A pleasure to do business with, pays well and tips.I wish Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency would be renewed for another season.

For those who missed the first two seasons on BBC America, check it out: EW was very good as a co-lead, usually looked weirdly cute, and acted the shit out of the complicated material.His notable films include Avalon (1990), Paradise (1991), Radio Flyer, Forever Young (both 1992), The Adventures of Huck Finn and The Good Son (both 1993). Philips is known for dating Di Caprio and for her role in Black and White. Wood has not married till date, does not have a wife and is currently single. Wood recently finished playing the role of Ryan Newman in FX's cult dark comedy, Wilfred.