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It marks them as different.”But on closer inspection, the data suggest a bigger problem than fancy room and board.

Even if we were to zero out all these ancillary services tomorrow, the U. would still spend more per college student than any other country (except, again, Luxembourg).

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Woodland Community College has received the External Evaluation Report from the accreditation visit we received from October 8-11, 2018.

Decadence was to blame, the writer argued: fancy student apartments, expensive meals, and “the mania for athletic sports.”Today, the U. spends more on college than almost any other country, according to the 2018 Education at a Glance report, released this week by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). is in a class of its own,” says Andreas Schleicher, the director for education and skills at the OECD, and he does not mean this as a compliment.

All told, including the contributions of individual families and the government (in the form of student loans, grants, and other assistance), Americans spend about ,000 per student a year—nearly twice as much as the average developed country. “Spending per student is exorbitant, and it has virtually no relationship to the value that students could possibly get in exchange.”Only one country spends more per student, and that country is Luxembourg—where tuition is nevertheless free for students, thanks to government outlays. 1 in the world for spending on student-welfare services such as housing, meals, health care, and transportation, a category of spending that the OECD lumps together under “ancillary services.” All in all, American taxpayers and families spend about ,370 on these services per student—more than three times the average for the developed world.

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