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06-Oct-2019 15:00

Removal of a clitoris no more purifies a slave's service any more than the right "training" enhances a submissive heart.

Training teaches a slave what things "please" Master/Mistress/Dom.

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If you want a temporary way of numbing clit responses, try orajel for babies gums. i have to say, my feelings on this subject haven't changed.THAT love and care is what brings out the obedient respect which allows one to serve without hesitation or question. Esclava __________________ bronntanas "This is the creature there has never been." Rilke "everyone is more or less mad on one point" Rudyard Kipling "life and death are only temporary, but freedom goes on forever." Peejoe, "Crazy in Alabama" As Tainted as put it what we hear on this in society is the negative aspect of this - Usually those we hear about subjected to this did so unwillingly.I have to admit my gut reaction on reading your message, OSG was similar to what most guys I have know do when damage/removal of their testicles is mentioned; and that is to cringe and try to protect my little bits.As has been mentioned there are some things that should be considered before undertaking this: 1.) It's irreversible - this is not like Tattooing or scarification that may be painful to endure but still leaves your body structure unchanged. If humans were perfect then choosing a mate would be an easy thing and one where we could be assured the relationship would last for the rest of our lives if that was what we desired. While the next master may not care what has been done previously to the sub's body, it takes away that master's rights without consideration.

Much in the way of Tubal ligation and Vasectomies, what happens if your mate changes their mind down the road?Originally posted by Kajira Callista hmmmm im up early and not enough coffee yet but this thought just crossed my mind.