Godaddy pending setup validating mx record how long

25-Feb-2020 19:28

article_id=321I was using godaddy to forward mail but set-up the same thing on my hosting (as well as holding a mailbox) for the domain on one of the email addresses.

I killed the hosting yesterday and assumed that godaddy would start forwarding email to that address again.

The third-party software listed in Third-Party Software is bundled with Zimbra software and installed as part of the installation process.

These components have been tested and configured to work with the software.

can go there and get a DNSreport for your domain, also you can use the "email test" or the DNSlookup box and do a seach for MX record.

It would be a lot simpler if we knew what the domain name was. It seems to be working now having switched DNS back to parked with godaddy.

User authentication, the Zimbra Global Address List, and configuration attributes are services provided through Open LDAP.

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Zimbra Proxy is a high-performance reverse proxy service for passing IMAP[S]/POP[S]/HTTP[S] client requests to other internal ZCS services.