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Nitro is widely respected as one of the world's top coasters.The ride continues to be extremely popular due to its novelty in both structure and speed.In 2006, it was run with only two of the four trains throughout most of the season; as of 2007, all four trains are running once again.Despite this high turnover, the attraction still tends to have the longest waits in the park: Even on light days, when the wait times for other coasters are less than 5 minutes, Kingda Ka may have waits up to two hours.El Toro is widely regarded as one of the world's best wooden roller coasters, winning the 4th best wooden roller coaster in 2008, 3rd best in 2009 and Theme Parks Magazine recently voted El Toro as the #2 best wooden coaster in the world. It stands above the ground and travels at speeds up to .Nitro was the tallest and fastest coaster in New Jersey until the opening of Kingda Ka in 2005, which far surpassed it in both categories.

Due to its high reliance on flawless performance, Kingda Ka has had a history for breaking down; early incidents averaged about seven times a day.Problems ranged from failures involving the powerful hydraulic launch mechanism to the many brake fins to current weather to even the simple hydraulics which shift a piece of track at both ends of the station (to accommodate the four trains).On June 11, 2006, Six Flags opened El Toro, a roller coaster at the center of a Spanish-themed section called Plaza Del Carnaval. Built using prefabricated wooden track pieces, this ride provides massive amounts of "air time," the feeling of ejected out of your seat, especially when riding in seats at the back and the front of the train.The ride also gave Six Flags Great Adventure the most enclosed coasters in a Six Flags park.

When the ride first opened in 1999, as Medusa, the attraction was the first floorless roller coaster in the world.After the 2008 season, Medusa was repainted and marketed as a new coaster, called Bizarro, Superman's enemy from Htrae.