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You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy. Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.Here, Burtondiscussesbrin ging Carroll’s strangecreaturestolife,castinganunknownas Aliceandwhyhecalledonhislong-timec inematic co-conspirators Johnny Deppand Helena Bonham Cartertojoininthefun•By Sheila Roberts FEBRUARY 2010VOLUME 11•2 Inside AUNIVERSALPICTURE © 2009 UNIVERSAL STUDIOS MAIRIBETT CO- PRODUCER LIZACHASIN DEBRAHAYWARD EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS PRODUCTION DESIGNERDOMINICWATKINS DIRECTOROF PHOTOGRAPHYBARRYACKROYDBSC VISUAL EFFECTS SUPERVISOR PETERCHIANG SAMMYSHELDON COSTUME DESIGNER CHRISTOPHERROUSEACE EDITOR JOHNPOWELL MUSIC BY CATHYSANDRICHGELFONDCSA JOHNHUBBARD DANHUBBARD AMANDAMACKEYCSA CASTING BY LLOYDLEVIN PAULGREENGRASS ERICFELLNER TIMBEVAN PRODUCED BY RAJIVCHANDRASEKARAN INSPIREDBYTHEBOOK“IMPERIAL LIFEINTHEEMERALDCITY”BY BRIANHELGELAND WRITTEN BY THIS FILM IS NOT YET RATED DIRECTED BYPAULGREENGRASS UNIVERSALPICTURESPRESENTS INASSOCIATIONWITHSTUDIOCANALANDRELATIVITYMEDIA APAULGREENGRASSFILM AWORKINGTITLEPRODUCTION MATTDAMON GREGKINNEAR BRENDANGLEESON AMYRYAN KHALIDABDALLA “GREENZONE” ANDJASONISAACSFamous I heard something funny at the theatre the other night. ” “Yeah,” said the kid, “it’s Tim Burton.” Dad’s confusion — and, quite honestly, a touch of fear — evaporated. We’ve been hearing buzz about Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland for so long (he signed on in 2007) that it no longer seems like odd source material for the genius director with macabre tendencies. Allsubscriptioninquiries, backissuerequestsandletterstotheeditorshould bedirectedto Famousmagazineat102Atlantic Ave., Ste.100, Toronto, ON, M6K1X9; or416.539.8800; or [email protected] Mail Agreement No.40708019.  PHOTOBYAHMADELATAB/SPLASHNEWS 3 5 1 2 3 4 5 4 FEBRUARY 2010 FAMOUS 9 1 ROBERTDOWNEYJR.There was a family behind me at the ticket counter — a mother, a father and a teenaged boy. He was sullen, a bit surly, and dressed like he’d just walked out of an army surplus store. “Oh, Tim Burton, yeah,” dad said, the image of his son restored. Yes, Lewis Carroll’s 1865 children’s novel has some pretty weird imagery (smoking caterpillars, giant mushrooms, moronic twins), and there’s no doubt there’s lots in there that’s not meant for kids (or good kids, anyway), but let’s face it, when you think of Alice in Wonderland, you think of a little girl with a frilly frock and a big blue headband. And as for Alice, she’s no longer a little girl; she’s 19 andtryingtoescapeanunsuitablemarriageproposal. Returnundeliverable Canadianaddressesto: Famousmagazine,102Atlantic Ave., Suite100, Toronto, ON., M6K 1X9 650,000copiesof Famousmagazinearedistributed through Cineplex Entertainmentand Alliancecinemas, HMV andotheroutlets. 6 FAMOUS FEBRUARY 2010 VERY CURIOUS, INDEEDUsually“hotcouple” Javier Bardemand Penélope Cruzinsteadopt for“adorablecouple”inthis shottakenwhiletheywere scubadivingoff Brazil’s Fernandode Noronha Island.  PHOTOBYSPLASHNEWS Welovehow Parisian teenscaremoreabout theircroque-monsieursthan aboutwatching Miley Cyrusand herboyfriend Liam Hemsworth smoochonthe Champs-Élysées duringarecenttriptothe Cityof Lights. PENÉLOPECRUZ JAVIERBARDEM MILEYCYRUS KIEFERSUTHERLAND HUGHJACKMAN SNAPS 2 CAUGHT ONFILM 8 FAMOUS FEBRUARY 201010 FAMOUS FEBRUARY 2010 SHORTS Whenyou’re six-time Oscar- winningmakeup artist Rick Baker,you don’tmakecoldcallsto findwork.Even without openly talking about their (casual) connection, the tabloids and webloids still cover them incessantly and scrutinize everything they do.

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