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27-Dec-2020 04:16

But I go out a lot, luckily for you, and therefore I’ve been to all those gay boy bars!

Pixie told me there were too many bars to list them all, and because she’s right, I’ve narrowed my list down to my top five bars and my top five lesbian events. Phase One and Phase One, Dupont The original Phase One (or, “the Phase”) is the one all-lesbian bar in DC.

The bartenders are all very nice at Nellie’s and sometimes they’ll put a napkin folded into a swan around the neck of your beer for no reason at all! Town Danceboutique (8th and V St NW) Town is the largest gay dance club in DC and is catty-corner from Nellie’s, which is often used as a staging ground before heading to dance at Town.

I was also there for Halloween this year and will ask you this: where else can you go to see guys dressed as 50 Cent and a storm trooper start making out? Town charges a cover but it’s a great place to dance, if you don’t mind being surrounded by bachelorette parties and a bunch of gay boys with their shirts off. 9 — located on my favoritest block in DC — is new on the scene, and is a great option if you’re looking to get some slightly classier drinks in a more low-key setting (like maybe a first date? 9 is next door to Stoney’s Lounge, a truly excellent dive bar with good food and a very chill atmosphere. 9 is full of boys, as it often is, or you feel the need for cheap beer, try Stoney’s.

I think the club “Babylon” in Queer as Folk might have been inspired by Town. ) If you’re lucky enough to snag the front window seats there’s great people watching. 9 has no dress code, no cover and happy hour every day, including Saturday and Sunday. A last word about these bars: I say they’re lesbian-friendly, but it’s worth pointing out that my experiences can’t speak for everyone’s.

Town’s got yummy drinks with crushed ice and some good drag shows, too. I’m a bold person and relatively unbothered to be in a bar that’s mostly or only boys, but that’s not for everyone.

But, unlike New Year’s Eve, the ladies’ nights in DC are NEVER a letdown and you should really go. The Ladies of LURe Present Ladies’ Night at Cobalt On the third Saturday of every month, the ladies of LURe host a girls’ night called BARE at Cobalt.

It’s packed with cute girls (they had girls there for their third anniversary).

Cobalt is located in the heart of the Gayborhood and is one of the most iconic gay bars in DC and is considered “a place to be seen” with “eclectic DJs” and “electric parties.” The first floor is a restaurant called, inventively, Level One.

It’s intense: girls wall-to-wall, strippers dancing on poles, etc. REX features badass female DJs (they wear dinosaur masks!