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It’s a suburban frontier, the kind of place where you could keep horses (as some people do) or meth labs (ditto).

The woods creep up behind the homes, and by late afternoon the pine trees are already drinking in the darkness.

Almost two years ago, Maria was diagnosed with brain tumors after collapsing at work.

She has no health insurance, so she hasn’t received any treatment for the tumors, nor can she pay for her insulin prescription for her diabetes.

(One later told a female classmate that he’d stuck a beer bottle into the girl.) Others were older and unfamiliar.

But as the video flew from phone to phone that day, almost everyone recognized the girl on the mattress—that long ink black hair, the brown eyes and baby cheeks. On February 18, four Cleveland men were picked up and charged with "continuous sexual abuse" of a child.

They speculated that she had probably lied about her age, so how were the males to know?

was roundly castigated for its "rape-friendly" coverage of the assault, which was heavy on sympathetic quotes about the defendants and uncritical of malicious comments about the victim.

Families keep chickens and donkeys while fast-food restaurants pull in traffic off the main drag.

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In a small, rough-edged town not far from Houston, nineteen men and boys await trial for unspeakable acts—the repeated gang rape of an 11-year-old girl.

She is often exhausted but almost always good-humored."My wild child" is what Maria calls Regina, laughing tenderly. Not long ago, Regina was a preppy; then she adopted the slang and style of the hood. In many ways, she reminded Maria of herself when she was a kid.

"Even if she was mad, she was still happy," Maria says.

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