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His estimation that at least two thousand additional graves remain under the Museum site in 4 layers, the lowest dating to the 11th century, also verifies the antiquity and importance of the cemetery.5 The Mamilla cemetery’s significance was recognized by successive authorities.

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It has proceeded in the face of ongoing opposition to this desecration by Palestinian individuals and organizations, by numerous Jewish individuals and organizations who morally oppose the project,16 and notwithstanding opposition from the current Israeli Mayor of Jerusalem, who early on urged that the museum not be built on the Mamilla cemetery site.17 The petitioners have exhausted all means at their disposal to prevent further desecration of this sacred cemetery and, hence, bring the matter to your urgent attention, as Israel’s conduct blatantly violates international human rights law, as detailed below. ISRAEL’S TREATMENT OF MAMILLA IS PART OF A PATTERN OF DISREGARD FOR MUSLIM RELIGIOUS SITES Israel’s actions on the Mamilla cemetery illustrate the state’s disdain for the religious and spiritual beliefs and sentiments that holy sites engender among Palestinians and Muslims everywhere.