Mandating hsa

12-Aug-2020 19:24

Other than that, the first 3 should almost always apply to adult children.

If all 4 of these are true, your adult child qualified as an eligible individual even though they are on your health insurance.

Additionally, due to the nature of US healthcare you want to offer them every advantage they can get.

Now assume that you are married and have two adult children and everyone is on your HSA eligible family insurance.

HSA eligible family health insurance, they likely can open their own HSA? A common misconception is that only the policy holder can open a Health Savings Account.

This is not true, as a review of the HSA guidelines reveals that this restriction to the policy holder (read: you) does not exist.

To keep things simple, assume you have had HSA eligible family insurance for everyone for a while (so no Last Month Rule effects) and you are smart and have your own HSA, but your spouse does not.

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For 2016, the contribution limit for family insurance is ,750.Said another way: With the (un)Affordable Care Act mandating that children be allowed to remain on parent HSA insurance plans until age 26, more and more adult children are opting for this and staying on parent plans longer.

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