Ms project tasks not updating

22-Oct-2020 13:38

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Marking tasks as completed is an important part of keeping up with progress during a project.

More than likely, Project Managers are not on job sites 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It can also screw things up nicely (ask anyone who has accidentally "rebalanced" their project - everything goes fubar) You can sort of do what you want by re-leveling the resources: Go to Tools - I know this thread is really old but since this thread showed for me in a Google search I thought I would add an answer.

When you mark the task as 100% complete, also modify the "Actual Finish" column within the MS Project.

So I set task B to be 100% complete, and expect the project end date to reflect that change.

In real-life this would make task C start a day earlier and eventually the entire project would finish 1 day earlier.

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What you will see (based on your description) is that the resource is less utilized then previously reported over that work period.Look for a book called Dynamic Scheduling with Microsoft Office Project 2007 to learn more.If you have set start dates to your tasks that's how they remain.You can create a task dependency to link the tasks in different projects.

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To create a cross project link, begin by opening both projects from PWA in MS Project Professional.A question asked with almost every Project Online/Project Server deployment is “How do I create and manage cross project dependencies?