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01-Nov-2020 05:53

I stopped by the fridge to grab a can of Coke, and picked up the corkscrew before heading back to the living room. " my mum was asking, still struggling with the DVD remote. I fired up the PC and figured I'd maybe wank off later.Mum and Lisa were sitting on the sofa together, my mum fiddling with the DVD remote. "Thanks sweetie," mum said, "You're a star." I poured a big glass of wine for each of the ladies. It was a new player we'd only bought a few days ago. At nine o'clock my eyes were aching slightly from playing computer games for three-hours straight.She was content to put her efforts into raising me and working at her job as a nurse.She often hung out with her best friend, Lisa, an unmarried woman who lived down the street.She had short, straight black hair, and although her round face was fairly cute, it was somewhat obscured by the big geeky spectacles that she constantly wore.

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At that point the men screen for some romantic-comedy came up on the television in the corner of the room. The living room was to the right of me and I could hear Lisa and my mum giggling and chatting, clearly not paying attention to whatever was blaring out from the TV.Speaking of Lisa, the woman in question then strolled into the living room from the kitchen, holding two wine glasses in one hand and a bottle of red wine in the other. She was such a close friend of my mum's, and had been for a good six-years or so, that she almost seemed like an auntie to me.