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"^'u^W el retains the sound 5, except in a few words like ^«,./ (gl? Common exceptions — (i.) cyananide, sulphide, oxide. Bi, bin, Tri, except in Trinity, trimeter, trigono- metry, trilogy, Tripoli, trisyllable, trivial. — After r S, s represents the sound z, as in reside (r8- zid'), so retiiyn (r6 zin'), to give up j resign, to sign again. Bio, c Liro (kiro), palseo, phon, photo, proto, quasi, chaftno, (Ifica, d Sci, meso (m Szo), phllo, t6tra. (iii.) The following words, with their derivatives, Chaldee, chalybeate, chameleon, chamomile, chaos, character, charta, (but not chart, charter), chelonian, chemic, -ist, chimera, choir, choler,-a, chyle, chyme, anchor, anchoret, bronchitis, anarchy, anchovy, colchicum, conch, distich, echo, hypochondria, in- ORTHOEPY. choate, machination, monarch, orchid, orchestra, tetrarcli, Mocha, Chersonese, strychnine, melancholy. Thus rculir/ff should be distinguished in pronunciation from rcll Zlrl^^ -ar generally has the so er, as vicar vl J-'-er) so ^r J\ ai^^ward as stanaarcl(.era), (-w^. S has the sound sh very often before unaccented i, as in Persian, transient, scansion ; and sometimes before u, as tissue, sure ; also in nausea, nauseous (-shl&, -shliis). S has the sound of zh (i.) in -sion after a vowel, (ii.) sometimes before U ; also in ambrosia, artesian, Elysian, clo- sure, osier. S has the sound gpz in auxiliary, anxiety, luxuiiant, -ous. (ii.) Initial bracit-, chalc-, chl, chr, chor (except chore), troch; chil- (-thousand), cheir or chir ( = hand).

Features of this copy which may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of the images in the reproduction, or which may significantly change the usual method of filming, are checked below. dl, too, in unaccented syllables, except in a few rare words. Before -ation ci- should be pronounced sh I-, not si, as pronunciation. G, gnat, coigne, sign, poignant, imbroglio (Im-bror-yo), seraglio(-r&l'y5), diaphragm(-fram), paradigm(-dlm), apothegm (&p'-o-th Sm), phlegm (fl Sm). In Juo'b, hospital, humble, the present usage is to pronounce the h. ale, m S, file, note, pui*e, f&r, her, ni Ove, awl, owl, good, boy. COiyure, (to implore) k On- jor' ; (to juggle) kun'-jer. kon'-nrs-HPi" commissary, kom'-mis-sei-T rr^r,o«,•J^V^ , ' 1-1 , conscientious, k0n'-shr-6n' comparable, kom'-pai-a-bl. The following diagrams illustrate the method: Un des symboles suivants apparaftra sur la dernidre image de cheque microfiche, selon le cas: le symbole — ► signifie "A SUIVRE", le symbols V signifie "FIN". peuvent dtre film6s d des taux de reduction diff6rents. """^ ^ P'ace in every school (3) Section three is devotp H fo r^t,., FORMATIONS. ^"^^^^^^^^^ ^nd Word- theonly scientific a^d the tost tbo'^^^^^ "'^'°'^ ^^ °"^^ ;owed It is surely time^h T t t ^^^^^^^^^^^ ^-,^- bol- lock upon the correspondence of Anl f^'^'"°'°^« sounds. * **"*®^ """"S'' nar- (tongue, teeth, li,« &c.) „ear So H '" '^^ "^ tl'- mouth Bounds as s.

Lorsque le document est trop grand pour dtre reproduit en un seul cliche, il est film6 A partir de i'angle sup6rieur gauche, de gauche A droite, et de haut en bas, en prenant le nombre d'images ntcessaire. sh, th (o/ S T^a U or'm^'.t *° f '^''«'=« ™' '""' '^"l always ing voiceless group (real^ i-sh is u T ^'"^ "o-espo S Further, ti befnm . ^v T -"""""«"" 'he sound usually indi-;,";^ ORTHOEPY. ^''^ f^^ digraph ng, are used to indicate the sounds produced when, the organs being in the positions forb! 26 Clench, deaf, get, said, says, (s Sz), steppe(stgp).

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at different reduction ratios. Gl,„p,e (g,i„p3), gi^p^^ ,,„^ ^_^_^^^_ ^.^^^ ^^^^^ Accented on the first svllahl women (wrm-en) dvnft»f^j '? but bargain (4 ""° "*■*•"re7;: '-"- '^-- ^°™ (- - But stanch (st.ansh)^ ORTHOEPY.

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