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24-Oct-2019 07:19

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Registers can of course be compromised with, for example, a “fake” identity being undetected because it is an exact match to a corresponding “fake” identity that appears in the register (courtesy of a bribe, relative or friend, say).

So what does this mean for Coursera, and by extension for Australian universities with visions of simultaneously boosting student numbers and cutting costs through virtual delivery of courses to offshore students?

Some of those technologies are a solution in search of a problem.

Others are not cost effective and are unlikely to become competitive in future.

We are less familiar with the more cutting-edge, or simply silly biometric technologies that appear in academic literature or in pitches to venture capitalists.Window Proctoring feature mandates that the candidates stay on the test screen for the whole duration of the test.Copy Detection Module checks a submission across all submissions and gives a report with similarity and diff metrics Question Pooling feature enables the showcase of a set of questions chosen randomly from a large pool of questions.It was thus interesting to see Coursera’s announcement late last week that it will be using a mix of webcams and “keyboard dynamics” or stylometrics – the supposedly unique way people hit a keyboard or wield a pen – to deal with online cheating.

The announcement made for a nice media release but unfortunately it won’t make the elephant go away.

Digital fingerprint recognition has been subverted by using illicitly acquired “copies” of genuine prints, such as the “latex thumb” or even a gelatine lolly.

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