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In order to get into his psyche, the "Black Widow Brigade" preyed on his emotions in the hours before Tribal Council.After Erik won his second immunity challenge in a row, Cirie mused about whether Erik would give the necklace to Natalie, who he had previously been allied with.While I am unforgiving of that kind of manipulative editing, I do understand that compressing hundreds of hours of footage into 44-minute episodes is exceptionally challenging.(The first immunity challenge in Samoa alone was a half-hour, so there’s no way it could have been shown in its entirety, and the immunity challenges I observed in Gabon and Tocantins both included elements that were edited out.) But why pretend Stephenie was injured in a brawl when she wasn’t?Well, that was true, but it wasn’t the round you saw.The actual first round (that you did not see) featured the exact same match-up (Stephenie and Cirie vs.Meanwhile, someone on location during the first episode has detailed the ways in which the editing on the first episode’s first challenge was distorted, including faking the way Stephenie dislocated her shoulder.

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That edit really confused my friends & fam.,” adding, “No,seriously, I wasn’t attracted to the tall cowboy, I really DID want the one with the underbite,beer belly, and marbles in his mouth…” (Sugar elaborated on her pre-season romance with JT during our pre-game conversation.)Meanwhile, in his first episode recap, Entertainment Weekly’s Dalton Ross offers “some bonus intel from being out there” during the first three days, which is a nice change.As we all now know, Erik eventually gave up his immunity necklace, and he was subsequently voted out."I took that title away from James and anointed Erik with it...nobody got the context of what I said at the end because nobody knew that I was taking that title from James and giving it to Erik.It was funny when James was saying it, but when I said it about Erik, I’m sure it was really hurtful." she "still feels bad about it to this day. Natalie said that she was "kind of shocked" at how the Tribal Council went.

Ozzy, who was on the jury, said the mental and physical toll of the game may have made an impact on Erik's decision, and the ladies "did a good job" of taking advantage of that.

They told him that the only way for him to do so would be for him to give up immunity to Natalie.