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07-Aug-2020 17:18

Claudine Barretto says that she and estranged husband Raymart Santiago are now good friends for the sake of their two children.

Photo by Rob Reyes/Rappler MANILA, Philippines – Actress Claudine Barretto said that her relationship with ex-husband Raymart Santiago is now better, after making amends with each other last year.

* The truth is, ghosts only become ghosts when one has completely acknowledged their existence, for they demand the presence of their absence to be felt.

So they linger, making sure you acknowledge that they’re real and everything you’ve experienced happened.

Claudine said that she was happy to be working again with Direk Joel, and that she merely had to adjust to the technical aspects of the production like new lights, and all. As long as I see the people around are happy working with me, and I'm happy working with them.

(READ: Diether Ocampo on TV reunion with Claudine Barretto) Regarding issues about her alleged unprofessionalism years ago, Claudine said that it's a non-issue to her now, after all she has been through. And that we respect each other as professionals, I'm okay with that.) – Take discussions to the next level with Rappler PLUS — your platform for deeper insights, closer collaboration, and meaningful action.

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“21st floor, look for the yellow door.” I remember giving away the words anxiously yet almost as easily as if merely giving instructions for a delivery. But no matter how certain you thought you were about those you expect to be never seen and never heard of after a first encounter, some just keep showing up over and over again, which makes it all the more frightening. I took my phone out with me to the balcony and lit a cigarette, but staring out into the city wouldn’t let my mind rest from all the serial killers, psychopaths and other evil characters in my head, fighting for a spot in my script. ” popped up in response, and I began pacing the room juggling between thoughts of chances that this person could be a burglar or a psychopath, or should I take a bath? He stayed the night until I had to get ready for work.

So now, we've agreed to postpone the case for now, and co-parent, share responsibilities in raising our children.)Claudine also shared that she and her sister Marjorie Barretto are slowly getting over their awkwardness with each other, after reconciling last year during the 18th birthday of Marjorie's daughter Julia.

Claudine Barretto posts 2 new notes from ex-boyfriend Rico Yan) RETURN TO TELESERYE.

Claudine stars in 'Bakit Manipis Ang Ulap' along with Diether Ocampo, Cesar Montano, and Meg Imperial.

The ones who like to pretend they have not yet passed away and are still very much with us. ) * Cooped up in my unit above the most stimulating, drunken, and haunted-with-the-living-dead barangay in Makati — where every night is a story waiting to be bent, contorted and told, sprawling with characters like some sort of fiction convention — I was spread-eagled across the big black rug, alone in the darkness of my living room, squeezing my brains out for a 90-paged script due for a class in a little less than 48 hours, or probably lesser. ” And with a newly acquired what-the-hell attitude, I obliged. The thing about firsts is that, like it or not, we tend to romanticize them.

Without even getting the chance to finish judging the next guy on the site, a message pops up. And with no plans at all of meeting up with anyone in my jammies, I bantered “Would you like to go out with me? He offered me a ride to work but I refused, he could just be being polite, I presumed.

It wasn’t until after three months that the ghost finally decided to leave, after it had exhausted the spirit out of the host, when the host had already pronounced itself haunted.

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