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26-Nov-2019 05:51

In fact, I know some wenches who have gotten upset at me for not noticing their cleavage.

To them it was akin to a personal insult, as if theirs wasn’t good enough.

Bodice goblets are small goblets specifically designed to fit in a women’s cleavage.

On a few occasions I have witnessed a very lucky lad being allowed to drink from a lady’s bodice goblet while it was still tucked snugly in her ample bosom.

So people of class who could afford to would take a citrus fruit and place a number of cloves into it.

They would then carry this around and smell it to help combat the stench of unwashed persons.

Some women at the Renaissance Fair go through great trouble to bring attention to their cleavage.

There are flower vendors that sell roses to be placed in a woman’s cleavage.

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If a woman wears her tail in the center she is looking for a hook up.

It is said whole cloves are used because in the old days people didn’t brush their teeth so they would chew on cloves to freshen their breath.

To make things simple we are going to use a man as the example here. If this man is interested in a certain woman he will offer her his cloven fruit.

Now this is a rare occurrence but still it does occur.

Some wenches wear fruit tucked in their cleavage or perhaps a small stuffed animal.

I am going to explain to you why the Renaissance Fairs are heaven on earth for single men.