Self validating web forms

28-Jan-2020 18:36

First spammers spam via your form, then automated "bots" find your email address in the form's code, sending you MORE spam.

They even send you spam from your own email address! Poorly-designed back-end scripts can be hacked, sending millions of spam emails, from YOUR hosting account and bandwidth!

You can even have the validation triggered ONLY on certain conditions! Send an immediate, personalized response to your prospective client.

Yes, ALL the possible validations you'd expect from a top programmer, in just a few mouse clicks, and in different styles too! A Personalized Auto-Responder confirmation email keeps you in your prospect's thoughts - and out of their spam box later!

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First of all, if you are a web designer without knowledge of creating forms, DOWNLOAD AND BUY THIS PROGRAM NOW. Simfatic Forms is a streamlined, easy to use program for form creation.

I should also mention at this point that there exists a revision of HTML_Quick Form named HTML_Quick Form2 ( Form2), which has been rewritten specifically for PHP 5.x.

This tutorial, however, uses the original version of the package, mostly because the revision is still in early alpha development while the original HTML_Quick Form package is stable on both PHP 4.x and PHP 5.x platforms.

The rest of the information input is totally taken care of by Simfatic Forms.

I highly recommend this program to anyone that needs to generate forms in HTML.Simfatic Forms produces a reliable script that does NOT reveal your email address in the page's code or let others use your code to send spam. Your form can now be secured against spam even without CAPTCHA. With Simfatic Forms, you don't have to trouble your users any more with an obscure code to decipher, because Simfatic Forms can detect spam BETTER than any CAPTCHA system! Going beyond merely 'required' field validations, Simfatic ensures your visitor's input is of the type or format you require.