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It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. He is omnipotent, and all hia attributes are fax above the comprehension of our finite minds- We roust therefore believe whatever he has dtme, however in- comprehensible to us, the actkni may appear. Shall a Paul and Baraabas tear their gatmenls in being taken for some- thing more than mortal men; and shall Jesus Chii EA, if he be not 6od, in a calm, de Uberate manner, rob the creator of all things, c^ his glcny and the wcwship due to him, in a JSnning that hin Holf and the God of heaven aie one; in applauding the faith of the apostle who said that he was Ihe Son ^ the living Ood: and in not checking the discqtle who after thrusting his hand into his side, exdairaed, "my Lord, and mj Qoi V It is not only in the time of his liberty, when he visits the citie* of Israel, healing their sick, raising their dead, feeding moltit^de• with a few loaves, and rdnsing the temporal severeignty which the peofde offined him, that he attributes to himself the preroga- tives of the divinity. Had he used any mental resenations on this occasion, by saying one thing and meaning another; by expressing outwardly, "I am the Son of God," and restraining in his mind the sense of the wwds, to the quality of a messenger; be would not have answer- ed according to the pontifi''s meaning, who knew bat too well the difference between a messenger, such as sny prophet may be, and a son, who must be of the same nature with his father. And common Bense will inform yon, tbat Jenn Chnst is either the greatest impostor that ever appeued, or tl Mt he ia literally wh«t he declu^a himself to be, God and Man, for wbom the martyra snffered, whom the Christian B adore, ajid to mbom all kneea bm to bend one day. Such a conclusion is, however, so absurd in itself, and so contrary to experience, that it alone must prove the radiness and fi^y of be- lieving only, y^ is dearly perceived by reason. [Jan, In what K vortex of diffioulties ue we pisced, wben we admit reason as the only judge of what we mnst believe?