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16-Nov-2020 20:13

My question involves police conduct in the State of: Arkansas BUT I want to hear any info from any state Hi.I would assume that there is a strict protocol of procedures that undercover LE who are posing as underage females in internet chat room sting operations--must follow to secure successful prosecution.You can find many sex chat sites out there, but very few of them really offer free sex chat without asking for a credit card.

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Over the past several years- there have been HUNDREDS of charges & convictions stemming from internet chat stings. Or at least very few acquittals documented in the media. Anyone who is convicted in these cases are branded as a RSO for the rest of their lives. they cannot entrap you which means, they cannot induce you to commit a crime you would not otherwise have committed.

Just talking about it isn’t enough…but arraigning a meeting qualifies as an act in furtherance even if something (like getting arrested) intervenes and prevents the meeting from ever taking place.