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27-Apr-2020 10:35

One theory holds that the fascination or fixation with the digital world is an impediment to building relationships.So will pre-teens and teenagers eventually even more sharply advance the trend of non-marriage? “The kids who are sitting at home alone in their rooms with their face in a screen probably would have been the ones home alone in their room 50 years ago.” Finding Partners It’s OK today to be single.

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“I didn’t know anyone,” says Mc Nabb, 46, a safety manager for a major retailer. Unfathomable today, a few generations ago not being married was a sign of deviance.“There is less of a stigma to being single now, if there is any stigma at all,” says Rev. Whatever we’re familiar with tends to be seen as normal.” The trend is likely to hold.Ken Potts of Samara Care in Downers Grove/Naperville, who has counseled married people and others for 42 years. The arrow — Cupid’s arrow, in this case — is definitely pointing down for the next generation.But getting married remains a holy grail, even for seniors.

One of the oldest and most popular singles group in the western suburbs is the St. When it began in 1967, four couples quickly got hitched.

That success is part of the group’s lore — and serves as a quick recruiting tool for curious singles.

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