Splunk search not updating

09-Jul-2020 17:10

If you use multiple keywords, you must specify Boolean operators such as AND, OR, and NOT. The type of search commands that you use determines which tab the search results appear on.

The AND operator is implied when you type in multiple keywords. When evaluating Boolean expressions, precedence is given to terms inside parentheses. In the early parts of this tutorial, you will work with the Events tab.

The Timeline of events is a visual representation of the number of events that occur at each point in time.

As the timeline updates with your search results, there are clusters or patterns of bars.

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If the event does not contain a timestamp, the indexing process adds a timestamp that is the date and time the event was indexed.You can zoom in, zoom out, and change the scale of the timeline chart.When you add data to the Splunk platform the data is indexed.Searches with transforming commands also populate the Visualization tab.

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The results area of the Visualizations tab includes a chart and the statistics table that is used to generate the chart.The store sells games and other related items, such as t-shirts.

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