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24-Nov-2020 04:09

Next, I changed Action Interceptor Impl to use Wss4j Security Interceptor With NClients instead of Wss4j Security Interceptor.

There were two other issues I noticed: The Interceptor will verify all signatures in the request, but I couldn’t find a way for it to ensure/enforce particular fields were signed.

I am so happy that together with some ideas, we did it !!

I recently had to put in place a public facing soap web service with Spring and WS-Security.

But, I am really thankful to you for your patience and your suggestions! So, What I learnt was, If we do provide a schema property, it will use it.

If we dont provide, then it will try to fetch the information from wsdl file and if it doesnt even find it in wsdl, then it would give you an error called , "cvc: element not found".

As a quick work around I removed any Reply To entry as I didn’t require it.

Spring Web Services (Spring-WS) es un producto de Spring Framework para facilitar la creación de servicios web basados en el intercambio de documentos (document driven).

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or for inline schema inside a wsdl, we have a different way? You want to use the XML schema extracted from the WSDL in some other XML schema. If I have misunderstood again, please accept my apologies. Ivan, I'd say both the possibilities that you are thinking are not something that I am wishing to do.

Ideally the schema Location attribute should have the relative path to the xsd, however the problem right now is we dont have a seperate xsd to refer. Import is used to import one XML schema into another XML schema when the both schemas have different namespaces.