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If the husbands and wives had been accurate in their assessments (say the husband said he took out the trash 60% of the time, while the wife said she did it 40% of the time), when they added up their respective percentages, each total should have come out to around 100%.But that’s not what happened; the totals consistently 100%.In other words, each partner overestimated their respective contributions to each chore.And the same result was found for other social contexts as well (such as group projects for school or work).This is because all human minds are subject to what is called the “availability heuristic.” Heuristics are problem-solving mental shortcuts our minds use to figure things out…but they’re not always all that accurate and are prone to biases.In the case of the availability heuristic, we tend to believe that the easier it is to pull something from our memory (the more it is to us), the larger the category and the more frequently the thing happens..” Now relationships based on strict reciprocity can work well for say, two partners joined by a business contract.


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But since such vivid deaths are at the forefront of our minds, and are easy to retrieve from our memory, we believe they happen with greater frequency than they actually do.Is folding the laundry harder than putting it away?

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