Two intjs dating invalidating environment borderline personality disorder

11-Jan-2020 13:58

Furthermore, INTPs often have a great if not unconventional sense of humor but they may feel it goes underappreciated or misunderstood by many people.

INTP can sometimes say the most unexpected and laugh-out-loud things that catches everyone by surprise but for the most part they choose not to bother verbalizing a lot of what comes to mind.

It appears that in the case of both INTP and INTJ, opposites do not attract so much.

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They do care about meta-structure however, and they spend much of their time consciously and subconsciously categorizing, sorting, analyzing and juxtaposing information as part of their process of making sense of the various abstractions they draw from the outside world.INTPs are generally receptive to objective criticism and able to take it in stride so long as there is no malice or nastiness behind how it is given.INTPs above all want to equip themselves with the most accurate information possible and if someone can redress them or point out a flaw in their thinking then so much the better.Life structure is typically a blind spot for INTPs and an area in which INTJ can be of help.

So long as INTJ doesn’t become overbearing, judgemental or controlling in their use of extraverted thinking (Te), the i NTP will likely appreciate and even admire INTJ’s ability to stay on top of their commitments and responsibilities.

They would prefer a romantic partner or friend with whom they can explore ideas and someone who shares a healthy intellectual curiosity.

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