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08-Mar-2020 04:47

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There is a stereotype about dating sites in Ukraine. If you want to be successful in your day game, you need some Ukrainian or Russian. Talk to them on one of the city’s many squares and shopping streets. This is where the ‘Polish influence’ comes into play. One of those similarities is they are a lot more casual.

Apparently, a lot of Western men think it’s just superficial girls on there. Lviv is a lot more multicultural than the rest of Ukraine. That is to say, the language barrier should be as low as possible. For instance, the Market Square makes a perfect day game location. However, it is also the literal centre of the city. The same goes for major shopping streets and districts. First, know that these girls aren’t some cold bitches. In other Ukranian dating guides, we’ve talked about bringing a rose to a date, taking her to proper dinner, etc.

However, the locals who use it are usually only interested in other Ukrainians.

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The atmosphere is a bit more ‘everybody knows everyone’ but you can meet some beautiful and non-high-maintenance girls here!The kind of woman who looks for a sponsor, not a partner. Two of the girls I met, Sofia and Anna, were unsure about relocating. When asked, she did say that she would consider it…‘It all depends on the guy, we all do stupid things for love.’But then she went on to ask why wouldn’t I relocate.‘Lviv is an amazing city. In fact, I have found them to be the sweetest Ukrainians. For Lviv women, spontaneity is actually the way to go.: When you fall in love, your body releases stress hormones.Maybe it’s because of the Polish influence, I’m not sure. Alternatively, you can always play the lost tourist card. Bring your date somewhere exciting and she’ll mistake the adrenaline rush for attraction.But don’t despair, the city still has plenty to offer! Lviv women don’t have the means to go out every night.

Hanging out at the square with a cold beer is a much more popular pass time.

A large portion of the profiles are not for dating, they are just another social network profile.

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