Updating a logo

17-Jul-2020 13:30

You’ll notice on our business cards, Facebook, and Twitter, we’ve incorporated the angled line of the A into the design as well.

As any first year Marketing student can tell you, a logo is an important aspect of a company’s identity—the chief visual component of the overall brand.

The gray-blue was removed from the logo and replaced with a more vibrant red-orange.

The new color is a Pantone-safe color and is far easier to match for real world use, such as for our new hoodies, new business cards, or future company swag.

The BP logo was redesigned in 2008 for 1 million.

This is often the number one reason why large companies will update their logo and it’s no surprise, as almost all logos begin to show their age with time.

For some time, we’ve been using the isolated A/cursor icon on social network sites and elsewhere.

In turn, an outdated logo can make your company itself seem out of style or disconnected from its consumer base.

For SEO purposes and to avoid confusion, we’re no longer Ad Pearance, but rather Adpearance.

The new logo removes the uppercase P, the mixed weight of the fonts, and the dual colors to reflect the change.

Mailchimp subtly updated their logo primarily to improve readability at small sizes since the company was pushing mobile-friendly emails from their service.

The NFL logo is embroidered on everything from shoelaces to jackets to hats.Minimizing the number of stars and opening up the space allowed for easier usage on the many items the logo appeared on. The number of stars are equal to the teams within each division.

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