Updating customer database letter

10-Jul-2020 05:03

When you want to review account activity over several fiscal periods, as well as statistics such as delinquent days sales outstanding (DSO), weighted average days late, average invoice amount, percent of invoices paid late, and so forth, you can run the Statistics History Update program (R03B16A).In addition to providing statistical information about the performance of collections over a period, the system enables you to review multiple customer accounts simultaneously for comparison purposes.The system includes only the receipts that close or the pay-off invoices in the number of invoices paid. If you use a nonweighted average days late calculation, the average days late is 15.5 days: Number of invoices/Days late = Nonweighted average days late (2/31 = 15.5) The system weighs the average days late calculation by determining the current percentage of all receipt amounts.For example, suppose a receipt for 100,000 is one day late. Larger receipt amounts have a greater effect on the average days late.Template Letter Updating Database Fresh Outstanding Acting Cover Letter Samples 38 In Police Ficer Template Updating Database Fresh Outstanding Samples 38 Police Officer Cover Letters No Experience Go.Template Letter Updating Database Fresh Outstanding Acting Cover Letter Samples 38 In Police Ficer Police Cover Letters Examples Best Cover Letter Examples Finance Beautiful English Letter Template Wo.

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The update includes information about both closed and open transactions, such as: When you run this batch process, the system includes posted information only.

This sections provide quick references to setup considerations, troubleshooting tips, and calculations that the system performs.

You can review statistical (periodic) calculations on the Periodic Statistics form from the Credit Collections Management menu (G03B15).

You can use these methods to calculate DSO: Using the countback method, if the current outstanding balance is less than the total sales, the DSO = (current balance / total sales) / number of days in the period.

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Otherwise: The Current Balance Divided by Sales is calculated as follows: DSO = (current A/R balance à number of days inn periods) / Total invoiced over n number of periods n = number of periods that are specified in the processing options The Average Balance Divided by Sales is calculated as follows: DSO = ((total period end balance over n number of periods)/ average number of days) ÷ Total sales amount for n periods Where: For example: For January, the Sales Amount is 7,570.00, the Period-End Balance is 10,825.00, and the Period Days are 31.The system does not process R5 deduction records from the F03B14 table or RU (unapplied receipt) and R1 (draft) records from the F03B11 table.

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